Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye stone

Cat's Eye Stone is rare and precious gemstones. Cat's Eye Stones are in shades of green or blue-green in daylight to shades of mauve, violet, purple or even red in incandescent light. Cat's Eye Stone Prices range from Rs.500 per carat as per the color, clarity, shape and cut. Now order 100% quality Certified Natural Cat's Eye Stone Online as per your requirement and budget from





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About:Cat’s Eye Stone

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone show fine parallel inclusions produce a silver white line, which appears as moving light-ray in a cabochon cut stone.The name Chrysoberyl cats eye derived from this effect, which reminds one of the pupil of a cat.The short term “Cat’s-Eye” always refers to Chrysoberyl; all other cats-eye must be designated by an additional name. There are deposits in Srilanka and brazil as well as in china,india, and zimbabwe.

Properties of Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone

Chemical Composition: BeAl2O4 Beryllium Aluminum Oxide

Hardness: 8.5

Specific Gravity (Density): 3.75

Refractive Index: 1.746 – 1.756 DR

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye stone is a beautiful gem and well suited for jewelry use. It  is very durable because of it combined of high hardness (8.5) and indistinct cleavage and it is dispersion is low, it is looks very bright and colorful gem. Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl is also available. Chrysoberyl is the original Cat’s Eye gemstone but other gemstones such as diopside and apatite may be called Cat’s Eyes. It is the finest cat’s eye of gems and these gems fine with silky fibers are so fine that a microscope is needed to see the individual fibers. This creates a very sharp cat’s eye effect.

Cat’s Eye Stone Quality 

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye stone is very well known in the gem world. Chrysoberyl is overshadowed by one of its more famous varieties, Alexandrite. Alexandrite Gemstone is the best known and most valuable variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone & is a strongly pleochroic gem. The quality of Alexandrite Gemstones has many colors, change effect is what accounts for its desirability and value. These Cats Eye gemstone colors may change from shades of green or blue-green in daylight to shades of mauve, violet, purple or even red in incandescent light. Alexandrite gemstone is also available as a Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gem.

Occurrences of Chrysoberyl are widespread, however fine crystals are uncommon. Cat’s eye stone, Identify localities include: from Brazil many places, with exceptional crystals from Tancredo, Itagua¸cu, and Colatina, Espirito Santo; from Faria Lemos, Santa Luzia de Carangola, and Americana, Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais; at Campo Formoso, Teixeira de Freitas, and Cachoeira, Bahia. From Maršíkov, Šumperk, Moravia, Czech Republic. At the Tokovaya River, Izumrudnye mines,  near Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), and Mursinka, Ural Mountains, Russia. From northeast of Ambatosoratra, Madagascar, Miakanjovato, near Lake Alaotra. Near Masvingo (Ft. Victoria), Zimbabwe. Abundant in gem gravel placers in the Ratnapura district, Sri Lanka. In the United state of america, from near Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado; in Maine, at Topsham, Sagadahoc County, from Paris, Norway, and Hartford, Oxford County, and elsewhere.

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