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Why Buy Aquamarine Gemstone From GemFame?

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About Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine stone is the blue to blue-green variety of the Beryl Group of minerals that also includes Bixbite (red), Emerald (green), Goshenite (colorless), Heliodor (yellow), Morganite (pink) and Pezzottaite (reddish pink). Very large Aquamarine crystals have been found including the famous Martha Rocha crystal, found in Brazil, that weighed 134 pounds and yeilded 300,000 carats of excellent blue gems! Natural Aquamarine stone gets its blue-green color from traces of ferrous iron added to the basic Beryl formula

Aquamarine gemstone is known from many sources worldwide including Afghanistan; Australia; Minas Gerais and other locations in Brazil; more than fifty specific locations in Madagascar; Myanmar (Burma); Namibia; Pakistan; Russia; Sri Lanka; and in the USA at San Diego County, California; Mt. Antero, Colorado; Connecticut; Maine; and North Carolina.

Properties of Aquamarine Gemstone

Chemical Composition : Be3Al2Si6O18 + Fe
Hardness : 7.5 – 8.0
Specific Gravity (Density) :2.66 – 2.80 (g/cm3)
Refractive Index : 1.567 – 1.590 Uniaxial ( – )

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